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Pile of Books


Check out our church YouTube page where we post all of our Sunday sermon recordings as well as special guest speakers' messages. All of our new and most recent sermons get uploaded here.

Prior to YouTube, we recorded many of our sermons in audio format. These recordings go from January 2015 to July 2022.

Prophecy notes are written by Dr. Jim Palmer, Senior Pastor of Miles Road Baptist Church. Each “notes” seeks to tie-together world happenings with God’s Prophetic Word. The analysis given is based on extensive reading of multiple sources and is given to motivate believers to share their faith and live holy lives as we look for our Lord’s return. These notes span over a decade; the first note was written in 2009 and the most recent note was written in 2023.

All parents of children and youth attending MRBC events should fill out a permission and release form to have on file for their children.

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